Tubidy Mobile

After logging into the Tubidy website, you can listen to the track you want. You can not only listen to your phone, but also download your favorite song in a suitable format. You can start as a member of Tubidy site. You can listen or watch and download the music genres you want in the format you want. Tubidy has an application that can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store. You can also use it by logging in without downloading it from the website. The total size of the program is 45 MB. With this program, you can carry your favorite songs with you whenever you want. You can download it to your phone and listen to the track you have in mind from the list. It is very easy to listen to music on Tubidy. For this, first of all, by logging into YouTube, you choose the music you want, like and suit your style. Not only that. You can also reliably download the music videos you see on the websites via Tubidy. With Tubidy, you can download to Android devices, iOS devices, tablets and laptops, and access many old or new music genres. For this, you must first login to the Tubidy site. You will then see text in a foreign language that says “sign up for an account” ie “sign in account”. Click here to access the membership page. Here you will be asked to set a username and password. You can then sign in and download the song or music you want to your phone. Thanks to Tubidy, you can download the video or mp3 you want in the format you want.

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